Detailed view for the Book: Mathenauts: Tales of Mathematical Wonder (Anthology)


Introduction by Rudy Rucker
1 to 999 by Isaac Asimov
Four Brands of Impossible by Norman Kagan
Tangents by Greg Bear
A New Golden Age by Rudy Rucker
Professor and Colonel by Ruth Berman
The Maxwell Equations by Anatoly Dnieprov
Left or Right? by Martin Gardner
Immune Dreams by Ian Watson
Forbidden Knowledge by Kathryn Cramer
Godel's Doom by George Zebrowski
The Tale of Happiton by Douglas Hofstadter
The Finagle Fiasco by Don Sakers
Convergent Series by Larry Niven
No-Sided Professor by Martin Gardner
Euclid Alone by William F. Orr
Love Comes to the Middleman by Marc Laidlaw
Miss Mouse and the Fourth Dimension by Robert Sheckley
The Feeling of Power by Isaac Asimov
Cubeworld by Henry R. Gross
Schematic Man by Frederik Pohl
Time's Rub by Gregory Benford
Message Found in a Copy of Flatland by Rudy Rucker
The Mathenauts by Norman Kagan

Edited by Rudy Rucker

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