Detailed view for the Book: Alfred Hitchcock: The Best of Mystery (Anthology)

Here are sixty-five spine-tingling tales, introduced by the master of suspense, the late Alfred Hitchcock. These suspenseful stories originally appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, and, in the words of the master himself, are "calculated to make your blood run cold."

You'll find suave detectives, clever gangsters, bodies in trunks, kidnappings, adulterous affairs, murder and espionage. You'll meet a happy widower, a homicidal country woman, Russians seeking political asylum, a would-be Greenwich Village stud, the Viet Cong, a teenager out on an unfortunate date, and a very unhappy little boy at summer camp, willing to do anything to go home.

Beware -- this anthology is not recommended for late night reading. These masterful tales are guaranteed to unnerve.


Winter Run by Edward D. Hoch
You Can't Blame Me by Henry Slesar
A Flower in Her Hair by Pauline C. Smith
The Cost of Kent Castwell by Avram Davidson
Pseudo Identity by Lawrence Block
That Russian! by Jack Ritchie
Galton and the Yelling Boys by Hillary Waugh
Blind Date by Charles Boeckman
Pressure by Roderick Wilkinson
The Running Man by Bill Pronzini
The Vietnam Circle by F.J. Kelly
Sadie When She Died by Ed McBain
A Very Cautious Boy by Gilbert Ralston
A Try for the Big Prize by Borden Deal
Voice in the Night by Robert Colby
Undertaker, Please Drive Slow by Ron Goulart
Never Shake a Family Tree by Donald E. Westlake
Here Lies Another Blackmailer by Bill Pronzini
Dead Duck by Lawrence Treat
Games for Adults by John Lutz
Night of the Twisters by James Michael Ullman
Variations on a Game by Patricia Highsmith
Child's Play by William Link and Richard Levinson
Just a Little Impractical Joke by Richard Stark
Murderer #2 by Jean Potts
The Third Call by Jack Ritchie
Damon and Pythias and Delilah Brown by Rufus King
Glory Hunter by Richard M. Ellis
Linda is Gone by Pauline C. Smith
Frightened Lady by C.B. Gilford
Come Back, Come Back... by Donald E. Westlake
Once Upon a Bank Floor by James Holding
Warrior's Farewell by Edward D. Hoch
Death By Misadventure by Wenzell Brown
With a Smile for the Ending by Lawrence Block
Television Country by Charlotte Edwards
Art for Money's Sake by Dan J. Marlowe
Nothing but Human Nature by Hillary Waugh
Murder, 1990 by C.B. Gilford
Panther, Panther in the Night by Paul W. Fairman
Perfectly Timed Plot by E.X. Ferrars
#8 by Jack Ritchie
All the Needless Killing by Bryce Walton
A Melee of Diamonds by Edward D. Hoch
One for the Crow by Mary Barrett
Happiness Before Death by Henry Slesar
I Don't Understand It by Bill Pronzini
News From Nowhere by Ron Goulart
A Case of Desperation by Kate Wilhelm
An Interlude for Murder by Paul Tabori
Death Overdue by Eleanor Daly Boylan
The Best-Friend Murder by Donald E. Westlake
Pattern of Guilt by Helen Nielsen
A Real, Live Murderer by Donald Honig
Doctor Apollo by Bryce Walton
The Pursuer by Holly Roth
Final Arrangements by Lawrence Page
Countdown by David Ely
Murder Between Friends by Nedra Tyre
Cast of the Kind Waitress by Henry Slesar
Ghost of a Chance by Carroll Mayers
The Montevideo Squeeze by James Holding
The White Moth by Margaret Chenoweth