Detailed view for the Book: Angels! (Anthology)

Basileus (1983) by Robert Silverberg
Angelica (1979) by Jane Yolen
Angels (1990) by Bruce McAllister
If Angels Ate Apples (1993) by Geoffrey A. Landis
Alfred (1992) by Lisa Goldstein
A Plethoria of Angels (1989) by Robert Sampson
The Man Who Loved the Faioli (1967) by Roger Zelazny
Upon the Dull Earth (1954) by Philip K. Dick
Angel (1987) by Pat Cadigan
Curse of the Angel's Wife (1993) by Bruce Boston
Sleepers Awake (1993) by Jamil Nasir
And the Angels Sing (1990) by Kate Wilhelm
Grave Angels (1986) by Richard Kearns
All Vows (1992) by Esther M. Friesner

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