Detailed view for the Book: Horses! (Anthology)

They are strong and proud -- and sometimes, magical. Fast as the wind, powerful as the storm, they are racers, warriors, workers, friends...Sleek and muscular, spirited and loyal, they are the perfect union of elegant grace and brutal force. Mount them and ride away into a world of fantasy...

The Wonder Horse (1957) by George Byram
On the Gem Planet (1963) by Cordwainer Smith
Aunt Millicent at the Races (1965) by Len Guttridge
His Coat So Gay (1970) by Sterling E. Lanier
Brothers of the Wind (1981) by Jane Yolen , Barbara Helen Berger
The Thunder of the Captains (1985) by Garry D. Kilworth
The Boy Who Plaited Manes (1986) by Nancy Springer
Horse Camp (1986) by Ursula K. Le Guin
Riding the Nightmare (1986) by Lisa Tuttle
The Circus Horse (1988) by Amy Bechtel
Wild, Wild Horses (1988) by Howard Waldrop
Classical Horses (1991) by Judith Tarr

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