Detailed view for the Book: Little People! (Anthology)

Anthology of eleven stories featuring elves, gremlins, pixies, etc.

Trouble with Water (1939) by Horace. L. Gold
Cargo (1940) by Theodore Sturgeon
Housing Problem (1944) by Henry Kuttner , Catherine Lucille (C.L.) Moore
The Goobers (1965) by Avram Davidson
Working With the Little People (1977) by Harlan Ellison
United Imp (1977) by L. Sprague de Camp
Fairy Tale (1981) by Jack Dann
A Cabin on the Coast (1981) by Gene Wolfe
Send No Money (1985) by Gardner R. Dozois , Susan Casper
The Hob (1988) by Judith Moffett
A Gift of the People (1988) by Robert Sampson

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