Detailed view for the Book: Mermaids! (Anthology)

18 stories edited by Jack Dann and Gardner R. Dozois:
The Crest of Thirty-Six - 1980 by Davis Grubb
Driftglass - Jun 1967 by Samuel R. Delany
Fish Story - Jun 1954 by Leslie Charteris
The Fisherman's Wife - 1982 by Jane Yolen
In the Islands - Mar 1983 by Pat Murphy
The Lady and the Merman - Sep 1976 by Jane Yolen
Mrs. Pigafetta Swims Well - Oct 1959 by Reginald Bretnor
The Nebraskan and the Nereid - Dec 1985 by Gene Wolfe
Nothing in the Rules - Jul 1939 by L. Sprague de Camp
The Prevalence of Mermaids - Dec 1985 by Avram Davidson
The Shannon Merrow - Nov 1982 by Cooper McLaughlin
She Sells Sea Shells - Dec 1983 by Paul Darcy Boles
Something Rich and Strange - Jun 1961 by Avram Davidson and Randall Garrett
The Soul Cages - 1825 by T. Crofton Croker
Sweetly the Waves Call to Me - 1981 by Pat Murphy
Till Human Voices Wake Us - May 1984 by Lewis Shiner
A Touch of Strange - Jan 1958 by Theodore Sturgeon
The White Seal Maid - 1977 by Jane Yolen

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