Detailed view for the Book: 1975 Annual World's Best SF, The (Anthology)

As far back as 1935, the prominent sci-fi editor-writer-fan, Donald A. Wollheim, produced the first fantasy journal. Then, in 1940, followed it up with the first professional SF anthology.

Now, with the 1975 Annual World's Best SF, Donald Wollheim continues the tradition of quality with which he has been identified for over a quarter of a century.

Ten excellent stories by some of the genre's most original masters prove conclusively that this collection is truly the world's best science fiction--an imaginative volume no fan will want to miss.


A Song for Lya by George R. R. Martin
Deathsong by Sydney J. Van Scyoc
A Full Member of the Club by Bob Shaw
The Sun's Tears by Brian M. Stableford
The Gift of Garigolli by Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth
The Four-Hour Fugue by Alfred Bester
Twig by Gordon R. Dickson
Cathadonian Odyssey by Michael Bishop
The Bleeding Man by Craig Strete
Stranger in Paradise by Isaac Asimov