Detailed view for the Book: Year's Best Science Fiction, The (Anthology)

This volume contains some of the best science fiction stories published recently in this country. Also included in this book is a valuable introduction to each story by the editors and an unusual feature on the merits of the remarkable science fiction feature film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Introduction by Harry Harrison
Budget Planet by Robert Sheckley
Appointment on Prila by Bob Shaw
Lost Ground by David I. Masson
The Rime of the Ancient SF Author, Or Conventions and Recollections by J.R. Pierce
The Annex by John D. MacDonald
Segregationist by Isaac Asimov
Final War by K.M. O'Donnell
2001: A Space Odyssey - Some Selected Reviews by Lester del Rey, Samuel R. Delany, Ed Emshwiller, Leon E. Stover
Golden Acres by Kit Reed
Criminal in Utopia by Mack Reynolds
One Station of the Way by Fritz Leiber
Sweet Dreams, Melissa by Stephen Goldin
To the Dark Star by Robert Silverberg
Like Young by Theodore Sturgeon
Afterword - The House that Jules Built by Brian W. Aldiss

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