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From Other Worlds (Anthology)



Science Fiction
Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1964-00-00 Four Square  

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Jan 1950: Bomb to make A-bombs mere matches - the H-bomb.
Nov 1951: Green fireballs reported - U.S. Southwest.
Apr 1952: Interplanetary language suggested.
July 1952: Luminous flying saucer mystery.
Feb 1958: Mercurians have asbestos cells?
March 1988: Intelligent plant life on Venus arrives on Earth.
Aug 2197: Explosion on Mars.
The past warns us with reports of innnatural occurences - we ignore the signs - the future takes its own revenge.

Breaking through the barriers of the imagination 7 famous science fiction writers explore the boundless possibilities of space.


The Man from Outside by Jack Williamson
"Breeds There a Man...?" by Isaac Asimov
Meteor by John Beynon Harris
And the Walls Came Tumbling Down... by John Wyndham
The Blinding Shadows by Donald Wandrei
The Metamorphosis of Earth by Clark Ashton Smith
The Ambassadors From Venus by Kendell Foster Crossen

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