Detailed view for the Book: Mathematical Magpie, The (Anthology)

The companion volume to Fadiman's Fantasia Mathematica, this second anthology of mathematical writings is even more varied and contains stories, cartoons, essays, rhymes, music, anecdotes, aphorisms, and other oddments. Authors include Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, and many other renowned figures.

The first section, "A Set of Imaginaries" contains science fiction stories based on a mathematical concept; the second, titled "Comic Sections" consists of stories where the main character is something of a mathematical eccentric. The last two sections are "Simple Harmonic Motions," musical selections and notations with mathematical bases, and "Dividends and Remainders," which collects assorted apothogems, poems, limericks, and other miscellany.

Edited by Clifton Fadiman. Contents:

Cartoon by Abner Dean
Introduction by Clifton Fadiman

I. A Set of Imaginaries

Cartoon by Alan Dunn
The Feeling of Power by Isaac Asimov
The Law by Robert M. Coates
The Appendix and the Spectacles by Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
Paul Bunyan Versus the Conveyor Belt by William Hazlett Upson
The Pacifist by Arthur C. Clarke
The Hermeneutical Doughnut by H. Nearing, Jr
Star, Bright by Mark Clifton
FYI by James Blish
The Vanishing Man by Richard Hughes
The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke

II. Comic Sections

Three Mathematical Diversions by Raymond Queneau
The Wonderful World of Figures by Corey Ford
A, B and C--The Human Elements in Mathematics by Stephen Leacock
Cartoon by Johnny Hart
A Note on the Einstein Theory by Max Beerbohm
The Achievement of H.T. Wensel by H. Allen Smith
Needed: Feminine Math by Parke Cummings
Cartoon by Alfred
Two Extracts by Mark Twain
Mathematics for Golfers by Stephen Leacock
Mathematician's Nightmare: The Vision of Professor Squarepunt by Bertrand Russell
Milo and the Mathemagician [from The Phantom Toolbooth] by Norton Juster

III. Irregular Figures

Cartoon by Saul Steinberg
Sixteen Stones by Samuel Beckett
O'Brien's Table by J. L. Synge
The Abominable Mr. Gunn by Robert Graves
Coconuts by Ben Ames Williams
Euclid and the Bright Boy by J. L. Synge
The Purse of Fortunatus by Lewis Carroll
Cartoon by Saul Steinberg
The Symbolic Logic of Murder by John Reese

IV. Simple Harmonic Motions

Cartoon by James Frankfort
The Square of the Hypotenuse [music by Saul Chaplin, lyrics by Johnny Mercer]
The Ta Ta [music by Joseph Charles Holbrooke, lyrics by Sidney H. Sime]

V. Dividends and Remainders

Cartoon by Saul Steinberg
Apothems from George Christoph Lichtenberg, Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, G. Polya, Lewis Carroll, Jules Renard, George Orwell, Goethe, Winston Churchill, J. B. Mencken, Augustus De Morgan, Etienne Bonnot de Condillac, Bill Mortlock,
A Subset of Anecdotes from A. De Morgan, Thomas Jefferson Hogg, George Gamow, W. W. R. Ball, Simon Newcomb, Elliot Paul, A. J. Lohwater
A Little Nursery Rhyme Mathematics from Iona and Peter Opie, Frederick Winsor, L. A. Graham
To a Missing Member of a Family Group of Terms in an Algebraic Formula by J. J. Sylvester
Portrait of a Mathematician by Christopher Morley
from The Dunciad by Alexander Pope
Geometry by William Wordsworth
Me by Hilbert Schenck
Cartoon by Leo Demare
Song of the Screw [anonymous]
The Modern Hiawatha [author unknown]
The Loves of the Triangles by John Hookham Frere & George Canning
The Mathematician in Love by W. J. M. Rankine
E=mc2 by Morris Bishop
Engineer's Yell [anonymous]
Rhymes by Algebra by Dr. William Whewell and Stephen Barr
Note on ??, ??, and ?? by Michael Roberts
A Song Against Circles by R. P. Lister
Wockyjabber by Hilbert Schenck, Jr.
Einstein: A Parody in the Manner of Edw-n Markh-m by Louis Untermeyer
Tending to Infinity by J. L. Synge
The Superlative Degree by Ernest Elmo Calkins
The Magic Box by W. R. Baker
The Kiss Precise by Frederick Soddy
The Kiss Precise (Generalized) by Thorold Gossett
The Hexlet by Frederick Soddy
Short Cuts to Success by Ronald A. Knox
There Was a Young Lady Named Bright by A. H. Reginald Buller
There Was an Old Man Who Said, 'Do...' [anonymous]
Snip, Snip by Hilbert Schenck, Jr
Cartoon by Paul Peter Porges
The Young Man of Sid. Sussex by Arthur C. Hilton
Pun in Orbit by Hilbert Schenck, Jr.
A Mathematician Confided [author unknown]
A Mathematician Named [author unknown]
The Map of England and the Absolute by George Santayana
Cupid with an Adding Machine by Charles D. Rice
The Miniver Problem by Jan Struther and solution by L. A. Graham

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