Detailed view for the Book: Third Galaxy Reader, The (Anthology)

Will the conjectures in this anthology come about? Maybe - and maybe not.

But they haven't yet been proved untrue, and perhaps the best definition ever devised for science fiction is: fiction based on scientific speculation that has not been proved untrue.

The stuff science fiction deals with has often come true in the past. Perhaps that is because science fiction deals with the impractical solutions. The writers of this fascinating stuff know the problems and know what won't work. So they try to image the untried techniques, the impossible hypotheses. Their stock in trade is premature ideas.

Increasingly, with the advance of science and the application of time and work and money, the impossible becomes reality. Yesterday, the horse and buggy. Tomorrow, a vehicle to take men to the moon. The day after, travel in interstellar space, hundreds of thousands of light-years away.

So maybe the conjectures in this fascinating anthology will come true. In any event, you will have a very stimulating brain massage.

The following works are contained within this one:
Limiting Factor (1953) [Short Story]
Author: Theodore R. Cogswell
Model of a Judge, the (1953) [Short Story]
Author: William Morrison
Game of Rat and Dragon, the (1955) [Short Story]
Author: Cordwainer Smith
End As a World (1955) [Short Story]
Author: Floyd L. Wallace
Vilbar Party, the (1955) [Short Story]
Author: Evelyn E. Smith
Protection (1956) [Short Story]
Author: Robert Sheckley
Honorable Opponent (1956) [Short Story]
Author: Clifford D. Simak
Dead Ringer (1956) [Short Story]
Author: Lester del Rey
Volpla (1956) [Short Story]
Author: Wyman Guin
Help! I Am Dr. Morris Goldpepper (1957) [Short Story]
Author: Avram Davidson
Haunted Corpse, the (1957) [Short Story]
Author: Frederik Pohl
Time in the Round (1957) [Short Story]
Author: Fritz Leiber
Ideas Die Hard (1957) [Short Story]
Author: Isaac Asimov
Man in the Jar (1957) [Short Story]
Author: Damon Knight
Wind is Rising, a (1957) [Short Story]
Author: Finn O'Donnevan

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