Detailed view for the Book: Best Short Shorts (Anthology)

What is a short short story? Simply, it's a story that comes to the point without wasting words. The short short is not an easy kind of story to write. The author has to be artful--using little verbal slights of hand to take us to the end with a hop, skip, and jump.

The short short can tell a funny or sad tale. It can take us inside the heart and mind of a character or lay bare a moral dilemma. It can invite us on a journey to unfamiliar lands or lead us within ourselves.

Some short shorts--the ones we like best--end with an unexpected twist that takes us by surprise. In a good short short the author carefully plants the groundwork for the twist. He does this so slyly that we find it difficult to guess the ending--but it is there all the time.

Edited by Eric Berger


The Edge of Fear

The Shanahan Strad by Paul Jones
Dinner for Monsieur Martin by Georges Surdez
The Secret in Green by Mary Dirlam
The Eyes of Mr. Lovides by John Godey

Trial Flight

To Remember These Things by Milton White
Champion Stock by Bud Murphy
Double Payment by Peter Brackett
Frame of Mind by Sam F. Ciulla
The Cub by Lois Dykeman Kleihauer

Moments of Mystery

Coroner's Inquest by Marc Connelly
Smart Kid by Lawrence Williams
Code of the Underworld by Jim Kjelgaard
A Battle Over the Teacups by August Derleth

Tales of Terror

August Heat by W.F. Harvey
The Open Window by "Saki"

Boy Dates Girl

Love Is Kind of Fragile by Robert M. Ross
Miss Moonlight by Mary Knowles
"I'll Pay the Check" by Margaret Bird

The Valiant

A Mask for Fear by Ruth Sterling
Snake Dance by Corey Ford
A Secret for Two by Quentin Reynolds
The Hungry Winter by Elizabeth Middleton
Hard Way Out by James L. Schisgall
Two Were Left by Hugh B. Cave

Proving Ground

One Throw by W.C. Heinz
The Opened Order by Ilse Aichinger
Four Men and a Box by Leslie Gordon Barnard
Every Man for Himself by Robert Zacks
Pilot's Choice by Hunt Miller

It Takes All Kinds

Spelling Bee by Laurene Chambers Chinn
The New Man by Frederick Laing
"I Like It Here" by Carl Zuckmayer

Out of This World

The Voice from the Curious Cube by Nelson Bond
The Dreamer by Alfred Coppel
The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov

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