Detailed view for the Book: Flying Saucers (Anthology)

ISAAC ASIMOV reveals a whole spectrum of mystery through aliens who speak by color...

A. BERTRAM CHANDLER proves fantasy can become science fiction when a spacecraft hums its way through the stratosphere...

EDMUND COOPER questions American hospitality when a visitor from another galaxy is assumed to be an invader...

AVRAM DAVIDSON eavesdrops on the telepathic dialogue between a Grantha and an earthling who refuses to capitalize on her discovery...

HOWARD FAST records the arrival of mind-probing beings who land in a mini flying saucer less than three feet in diameter...

FLYING SAUCERS--Find out if they exist, where they come from, who is on them, and why they visit us! All this and more from the masters of science fiction.


Introduction: Flying Saucers and Science Fiction by Isaac Asimov
What Is This Thing Called Love? by Isaac Asimov
Pagan by Algis Budrys
The Beholders by A. Bertram Chandler
Sense of Wonder by A. Bertram Chandler
Trouble with the Natives by Arthur C. Clarke
The Lizard of Woz by Edmund Cooper
The Grantha Sighting by Avram Davidson
The Merchant by Larry Eisenberg
The Mouse by Howard Fast
The Time for Delusion by Donald Franson
Small Miracle by Randall Garrett
All the Universe in a Mason Jar by Joe W. Haldeman
Correspondence Course by Raymond F. Jones
Sam by Leo P. Kelley
The Mississippi Saucer by Frank Belknap Long
Posted by Mack Reynolds
Speak Up, Melvin! by Carol-Lynn R??ssel Waugh
Exposure by Eric Frank Russell
The Gumdrop King by Will Stanton
Saucer of Loneliness by Theodore Sturgeon
Fear Is a Business by Theodore Sturgeon
The Painter by Thomas Burnett Swann
The Deadly Ones by Floyd L. Wallace
The Junk Man Cometh by Robin Scott Wilson
Flying Pan by Robert F. Young

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