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Study War No More (Anthology)



Short Stories
Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1979-09-00 Futura Publications  

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Galactic Empires locked in combat, doomsday weapons that can annihilate whole worlds, starship troopers carrying the banner of war across the universe... SF writers have always found war a fertile subject. But there are some alternatives...

ISAAC ASIMOV on peace and freedom through cybernetic regimentation; POUL ANDERSON on warfare by formalized political assassination; BEN BOVA's duelling machine; HARLAN ELLISON's god-beast that brought a terrible lesson; JOE HALDEMAN on privately-sponsored nuclear blackmail; and stories from GEORGE ALEC EFFINGER, WILLIAM NABORS, MACK REYNOLDS, DAMON KNIGHT and HARRY HARRISON.

A unique anthology, edited by the Hugo and Nebula winning author of THE FOREVER WAR


Introduction by Joe Haldeman
Basilisk by Harlan Ellison
The Duelling Machine by Ben Bova
A Man To My Wounding by Poul Anderson
Commando Raid by Harry Harrison
Curtains by George Alec Effinger
Mercenary by Mack Reynolds
Rule Golden by Damon Knight
The State of Ultimate Peace by William Nabors
By the Numbers by Isaac Asimov
To Howard Hughes: A Modest Proposal by Joe Haldeman

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