Detailed view for the Book: Faery! (Anthology)

Stories and traditional ballads edited by Terri Windling.


A Troll and Two Roses by Patricia A. McKillip
The Thirteenth Fey by Jane Yolen
Lullaby for a Changeling by Nicholas Stuart Gray
Brat by Theodore Sturgeon
Wild Garlic by William F. Wu
The Stranger by Shulamith Oppenheim
Spirit Places by Keith Taylor
The Box of All Possibility by Z. Greenstaff
The Seekers of Dreams by Felix Marti-Ibanez
Bridge by Steven R. Boyett
Crowley and the Leprechaun by Gregory Frost
The Antrim Hills by Mildred Downey Broxon
The Snow Fairy by M. Lucie Chin
The Five Black Swans by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Thomas the Rhymer Traditional Scots Ballad
Prince Shadowbow by Sheri S. Tepper
The Erlking by Angela Carter
The Elphin Knight Traditional Scots Ballad
Rhian and Garanhir by Grail Undwin
The Woodcutter's Daughter by Alison Uttley
The Famous Flower of Serving Men Traditional Scots Ballad
Touk's House by Robin McKinley
The Boy Who Dreamed of Tir na n-Og by Michael M. McNamara

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