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Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears (Anthology)



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1 1996-12-00 Eos  

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"Once upon a time ..." So begin the classic fairy tales that enthralled and terrified us as children. Now, in their third critically acclaimed collection of original fairy tales for adults, World Fantasy Award-winning editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling bring us twenty-one new stories by some of the top names in literature today.
Joyce Carol Oates, Gahan Wilson, Gene Wolfe, Tanith Lee, Neil Gaiman -- these are but a few of the accomplished literary sorcerers who have gathered here to remold our timeless myths into more sensuous and disturbing forms. Like the fabled ruby slippers, there is powerful magic here. Rich witches in trendy resorts cast evil spells ... beautiful princesses age and wither in sleeping worlds ... terrible beasts reside beneath flawless skin.

Dark, disturbing, delightful, each story was written expressly for this superb collection of distinctly grown-up fantasy

• Ruby Slippers by Susan Wade
• The Beast by Tanith Lee
• Masterpiece by Garry Kilworth
• Summer Wind by Nancy Kress
• This Century of Sleep or, Briar Rose Beneath the Sea by Farida S. T. Shapiro
• The Crossing by Joyce Carol Oates
• Roach in Loafers by Roberta Lannes
• Naked Little Men by Michael Cadnum
• Brother Bear by Lisa Goldstein
• The Emperor Who Had Never Seen a Dragon by John Brunner
• Billy Fearless by Nancy A. Collins
• The Death of Koshchei the Deathless by Gene Wolfe
• The Real Princess by Susan Palwick
• The Huntsman’s Story by Milbre Burch
• After Push Comes to Shove by Milbre Burch
• Hansel and Grettel by Gahan Wilson
• Match Girl by Anne Bishop
• Waking the Prince by Kathe Koja
• The Fox Wife by Ellen Steiber
• The White Road by Neil Gaiman
• The Traveler and the Tale by Jane Yolen
• The Printer’s Daughter by Delia Sherman

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