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1 1957-00-00 Michael Joseph  

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The village had become a town: factories, shops, houses had spread and overwhelmed the countryside, and this invasion (as it was regarded by resentful villagers) had brought townfolk to the country, townfolk whose feeling against the villagers was every bit as intense as the villagers' antagonism to the interlopers. Feelings ran high, and because the leading protagonists were keen cricketers, the quarrel crystallized into cricket rivalry, and eventually into one all-important game - the last game to be played on the Lowill Field which had for so many years been the home of village cricket.

On the face of it, the villagers stood little chance: their opponents' record was formidable and their own unexciting: but their captain had one or two cards to play, and he sent an invitation to Malleson, ex-captain of England to join his eleven.

Many stories have been written of cricket: but none about a match, which though technically a 'friendly game,' was so embittered and hard-fought as this. Non-cricketers be warned: this book is not for you. But for the countless thousands who watch, play and live cricket The Friendly Game will bring delight long after stumps are drawn.

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