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Messages of Love



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1 1961-00-00 Simon and Schuster  

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Messages of Love is a family saga in the great tradition of English fiction. It is a novel about love and cowardice and courage-about the decisions, the responsibilities and the weaknesses of decent people in a world of change.

The story begins with two sisters, Katherine and Victoria, living with their father in Switzerland in the comfortable days before World War I. They are deeply fond of each other, and even more deeply certain that their world of order, privilege and security will continue to flourish.

They marry two young Englishmen in the North Country cotton trade. Victoria???s husband Lionel, is brilliant, charming and mercurial. An ambitious and talented man, he goes into business for himself, taking great risks and holding everything together with his strength and personality.

Katherine???s husband, John, is more quiet. Determined, solid, but plagued with a lack of self-confidence, he makes his career with an old established company, in competition with his friend Lionel.

Samuel Youd???s novel is the story of what happens when these people, with their affections for one another, their sense of responsibility and their essential humanity, pass through the common tragedy of the first Great War. Their children grow up in a new and disordered world, divorced from the ease and security of prewar Europe, separated from their parents and from one another by new and bitter experiences. The England they knew is destroyed, and with it go many of their old values and their unity as a family.

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