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Choice, The<br>(aka The Burning Bird)



Fiction (General)


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1961-00-00 Simon and Schuster  

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The Burning Bird is a story of love, ambition and marital infidelity, and the conflicts they create in the life of an honest and thoughtful man.

Paul, a rising young executive, is a man deeply concerned with his own responsibilities, anxious to do what is right, and seeking to have everything around him arranged in a neat and orderly fashion.

But life is seldom neat, and a love affair is never simple. Paul is willing to sacrifice his career for love, for he conceives this sacrifice to be a part of his responsibility. But he is unable to do so without demanding exactly the kind of assurance and permanence which Ilona, an older woman he loves, is incapable of giving him. Paul's hopes, like the phoenix, are able to rise again and again from the ashes; but, unlike that 'burning bird', they must eventually die.

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