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Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1947-00-00 Rinehart  

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When a shy professor in a southern theological seminary accidentally acquires the power of taking life by a modest digital gesture, he is confronted also by the choice of using his power for the good of the world, or for the most horrific ends possible to man. One could imagine these United States in the terrifying position of Professor John Jones as it holds the atom bomb in its collective hand. But Professor John Jones, in spite of his past reputation as a bookworm, is a Man, and though terrified at having unwittingly acquired the power of the Evil Eye by a grave mischance (accompanied by thunder and lightning) he's fully capable of coping with a naked and very beautiful lady who simultaneously appears. It soon develops that his powers are, to say the least, tremendous--for when he points at anything and mutters the incantation "Zotz!" the results are disastrous.

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