Detailed view for the Book: Alternate Generals II (Anthology)

Leadership makes all the difference... history demonstrates. But there are other factors at work. Would Sir Francis Drake have as easily put paid to the Spanish Armada if a typhoon hadn't softened up the enemy first? What if history were given a twist or two, and great commanders on land and sea had more (or fewer) forces, better (or worse) weather, quicker (or slower) communications, better supplies (or none at all)? Just suppose, for example, General Billy Mitchell had not been court-martialed for advocating air power, and happened to be leading training flights of warplanes at Pearl Harbor in December 1941?

As it happens, to find out the answer to that question, pick up the first book in the series, Alternate Generals, from Baen. This new volume has even more fascinating speculations in alternate history science fiction, turning history upside down and inside out as leaders who have made their mark on our history make different marks in a very different world.

The possibilities are endless....

Edited by Harry Turtledove

American Mandate by Jim Fiscus
Southern Strategy by Michael F. Flynn
Uncle Alf by Harry Turtledove
Horizon by Noreen Doyle
Devil's Bargain by Judith Tarr
George Patton Slept Here by Roland J. Green
Tarnished Glory by Chris Bunch
Compadres by S.M. Stirling & Richard Foss
And the Glory of Them by Susan Schwartz
Twelve Legions of Angels by R.M. Meluch
In the Prison of his Says by Joel Richards
Labor Relations by Esther M. Friesner
Empire by William Sanders

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