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War Between the Provinces


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1 2000-00-00  

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When Avram became King of Detina, he declared he intended to liberate the blond serfs from their ties to the land. The northern provinces, where most of the serfs lived, would not accept his lordship. The hot north was a land of broad estates, whose noble overlords took the serfs' labor and gave back next to nothing. Those provnices left Detina, choosing Avram's cousin, Grand Duke Geoffrey, as their king in his place.
Avram said he had inherited all of the kingdom, not just a part. He refused to let Geoffrey rule the north without a challenge. And the southron provinces, full of merchants and smallholders, stood solidly behind him. So he sent armies clad in gray against the north. Geoffrey raised his own army, and arrayed his men in blue made form the indigo much raised on northern estates to distinguish them from the southrons.

Avram held the larger part of the kingdom, and the wealthier part, too. But Geoffrey's men were bolder soldiers. And the north, taken all in all, had better wizards than the southrons did. The war raged for almost three years, until Avram's General Guildenstern moved against the northern army under Count Thraxton the Braggart, which held the town of Rising Rock, close by Sentry Peak. It was to be a crucial battle—more crucial than either side knew...

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