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Shades of Gray





Hagen Strikes Again


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-10-00 Bantam Loveswept 286  

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Devastatingly good-looking and charismatic ruler Andres Sereno was ruthless when it came to his island of Kadeira--and to the safety of Sara Marsh. Abducting her was the only way he knew to keep her from his enemies--and the only chance he had to make her admit her love for him. Overwhelmed by his driven hunger, his urgent need, Sara could no more resist Andres than she could resist the next beat of her heart -- but nothing in her life had prepared her for loving a man with darkness in his soul and danger in his blood. Adrift in a sudden storm with no safe harbor in sight, Sara had met her destiny -- but could she burn all her bridges except the one between her and the fierce warrior whose untamed passion held her heart captive? Andres tried to shield her from his violent side, but Sara knew the cost: before she could surrender to the primitive force of their desire, she'd have to walk through fire and learn her own strength. Was this love the dream worth risking everything for?

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