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Ruled Britannia



Alternate History
Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-00-00  

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The master of the alternate history, Harry Turtledove, has done it again -- this time visiting Elizabethan England. The twist here is that Queen Elizabeth is a prisoner in her own land, hidden away in the Tower of London; King Philip II of Spain rules England. After nine years of Spanish domination, England is a changed place. The English Inquisition has killed many Protestants, political dissidents, and unrepentant sinners. The people of England live in fear and must watch their every word.

Playwright William Shakespeare has survived safely thus far, but when he is commissioned by a powerful group still loyal to Elizabeth to write a revolutionary play that puts his life in danger, he must choose between life under Spanish rule or what certainly will be a heroic death.

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