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Agent of Byzantium (Collection)



Science Fiction


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1 1987-00-00  

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Agent of Byzantium tells of an empire that for a thousand years was the greatest power on Earth. In the orthodox histories we are told that all was ended with the fall of Constantinople to the Turks. But Harry Turtledove leads us into an alternate world. One where Byzantium was not vanquished, where Mohammed became a Christian archbishop and was canonised as St Mouamet and a resurgent Empire drove the barbarians out of Italy and Spain. Yet even the most glittering civilisation is threatened by new inventions and old enmities....


•Introduction: The Ifs of History by Isaac Asimov
•The Eyes of Argos (1986)
•Strange Eruptions (1986)
•Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire (1989)
•Unholy Trinity (1985)
•Archetypes (1985)
•Images (1987)
•Superwine (1987)

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