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Last Voice They Hear, The





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1 1998-00-00 Forge  

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Don"t answer the might be for you! Geoff is happily married with a young son who is the delight of his life. A famous, successful investigative journalist, he is in the middle of a publicity tour when a voice on the phone plunges him into the darkest part of his past, and into a deadly present. The voice is that of Geoff"s long-missing brother, Ben. When they were children, Ben was blamed for every trouble, large or small. And Ben was not always innocent--he performed acts of vandalism; he stole; sometimes he seemed, even as a child, to be a borderline sociopath. He was also abused, emotionally and physically, by their father. Without that abuse, what might Ben have become? With it, was has he become? When they were small, Ben devised tortured puzzles for his brother to solve. New Ben offers Geoff a new set of clues with a terrible secret at their core. Someone is killing happily married couples. Ben challenges Geoff to solve the murders...and warns him that his own family may be in danger if he does not. If Geoff fails, his son may pay the price--but if he succeeds, will he find that is brother has become a killer?

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