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Baked to Death





Simon Kirby-Jones


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1 2005-04-00 Kensington  

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American transplant Simon Kirby-Jones has made a home for himself in the small English village of Snupperton-Mumsley, and--much to the chagrin of the local constabulary--a name for himself as a sometime sleuth. A writer by day and vampire perpetually, Simon is becoming an expert on the most "human" of experiences: death...
With the help of some dandy little pills, Simon can get through his first summer in Snupperton-Mumsley with only a mild aversion to the sun. On the other hand, his assistant, Giles Blitherington, is bemoaning the beginning of the season. A medieval faire is coming to town--and setting up tent practically in Blitherington Hall's backyard.

Simon is mildly curious about the event--until Tristan Lovelace darkens his door. The man who bequeathed Laurel Cottage to Simon is also the man who made him a vampire. He's come to town to consult on a documentary about the faire--and make Simon's life miserable.

Despite his personal problems, it doesn't take Simon long to don tunic and tights and gambol straight into controversy. The group putting on the faire is in the midst of a power struggle. Their "king" is about to be dethroned by a charismatic and popular duke. But when the usurper is poisoned by way of a fig pastry, Simon is confronted with enough suspects to fill a royal court--including his old friend Tristan, whose secret to immortality was known by the duke. Now Simon must infiltrate the players to descry a murderer most medieval...

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