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Glossed and Found





Bath and Body Mystery


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2007-01-00 Prime Crime  

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In Gull Harbor, Venus Envy is the place for the island's beauty needs. And employee Persia Vanderbilt is the expert on all things cosmetic, from hiding flaws to highlighting foul play...

Murder is never pretty...

When Venus Envy's new makeup artist vanishes on the night of the Thanksgiving Gala, Persia knows that something is terribly wrong. Lisa Tremont's car is soon found near Lookout Pier and the police conclude that she drowned--but Persia refuses to believe it. For one thing, Lisa was terrified of water and would never have gone out on a pier by herself. For another, Lisa had just confided to Persia that she'd found out what happened to some missing inheritance money belonging to her and her sister. Could Lisa have been about to reveal the identity of a thief? Working off the clock to find out what happened, Persia must also fend off escalating threats from her ex, Elliot, as the holidays close in...