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Castle Of Dark


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1 1978-00-00  

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Lir knew that something was calling him. Not a voice, and yet a voice. Almost as unheard yet as insistent as a pulse-beat. He had dreams, too, and they were no more reassuring than the villagers'; assurances in that remote and unexpected place. Was there a castle beyond? Or just a ruin? Who, or what, was it that called? If he turned back now, he would never know. Shouldering his harp, Lir set his face towards the dark castle.
In the Castle of Dark, Lilune awoke, wondering what her calling would bring. The old hags who attended her had no idea she knew the spell. She walked sedately with them, under a moonshade, by the borders of the glassy lake, wishing that something would happen. She had no idea of the world outside.

She was to learn, in danger and dread, when Lir answered the calling and freed her from the dark.

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