Detailed view for the Book: Life of Surprises, A

Professor Bernice Summerfield, interstellar archaeologist, adventurer, romantic and drinker, has had either one very big life or a number of only slightly smaller ones.
This anthology contains stories from many times and places across her long career, ranging from the starkly dramatic, through the thrilling, to the hilarious.

It links Bernice to her roots, as well as sending her forward into new adventures. And it celebrates a decade of Bernice in print. Cheers!

Edited by Paul Cornell.


The Shape of the Hole by Paul Cornell
Kill the Mouse! by Daniel O'Mahony
Solar Max and the Seven-Handed Snake-Mother by Kate Orman
A Mutual Friend by Terrance Dicks
Alien Planets and You by Dave Stone
Something Broken by Paul Ebbs
The Collection by Peter Anghelides
Setting Stone by Mark Stevens
Time's Team by David A. McIntee
Beedlemania by Nev Fountain
The All-Seeing Eye by Justin Richards
And Then Again by Rob Shearman
Cuckoo by Stephen Fewell
A la Recherche de Temps Perdu by David Bailey
Squadborronfell by Nick Walters
Taken by the Muses by Steve Lyons
The Spartacus Syndrome by Jonathan Morris
Might by Neil Corry
Paydirt by Lance Parkin
Dear Friend by Jim Sangster
Afterword by Lloyd Rose

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