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Baby Love



Crime & Prison


Georgina Powers


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-08-00 Orion  

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When the head of a hugely successful games software company is assassinated it is national news. But it is Georgina Powers, of Technology Week, who breaks the story that his name had turned up on an anti-abortion website, where he is accused of murder. The charity to which he had recently contributed ?1m, one which promotes child welfare and family planning in inner-city areas, is also named, and further digging by Georgina reveals that the charity funds abortion clinics. Then a female reporter on Technology Week is shot dead. Has she been killed because of the paper's laudatory obituary of the late software executive? Next a hideous accusatory list of women who have had abortions appears on the website, including the name of the shot reporter. As Georgina sets out to find out who is behind the killings, her name appears on the list....

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