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Time Travel


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1 2000-09-00 Leisure  

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The last thing Shaye Montgomery needs is another man in her life. Especially a gambler who was hanged a hundred years before she was born. But Alejandro Valverde won't leave her alone. As she walks the deserted streets of a California ghost town, his image seems to rise up out of the misty night. And in her dreams, he is all too real-his lips full and sensual, his dark eyes filled with a predatory gleam. Then, incredibly, she is drawn into his world, a world where badmen and showdowns have replaced the park rangers and T.V. shows she knows. A world where Alejandro is soon to be wrongfully accused of murder. Now when she looks into his eyes, she sees a kindred soul, knows that what she needs most in the world is to share a love that is truly ... unforgettable.

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