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Hen House, The





Lettie and Eulis


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2007-04-00 Loveland Press, LLC  

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We are very pleased to announce the release of a new fiction title by New York Times bestselling author, Sharon Sala, titled "The Hen House". The last of the trilogy finds the couple in Colorado in the late 1800 s. In "Whippoorwill", Letty Murphy had come to Denver City a single woman, although she d gone through more hell in her twenty-nine years than she would have ever thought possible. She d nearly starved as a child and had sold herself to a man for money before she d even managed to grow breasts. But that was before she and Eulis had traveled to Denver City, survived a buffalo stampede, a smallpox epidemic, an attack from a half-starved wolf, discovered gold, and gotten married in "The Amen Trail". It wasn t just Letty s last name that had changed, even though she had money more money than a person could spend in several lifetimes. It was her situation that had changed, even though she had yet to come to terms with the power and respectability that money could buy. There was still that part of her childhood self that listened each night for a whippoorwill s call, while struggling with the memories of being a fifty-cent whore and welcoming other lost souls into her home, "The Hen House".

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