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1 2003-02-00 Lovespell  

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From the Deepest Ocean

While the technology of the war to end all wars had changed the face of Europe, some things stayed the same; the tempestuous Scottish coast and the surrounding sea remained a place of unfathomable magic and mystery. Sequestered at Fintry Castle by the whim of her mistress, Hexy Garrow spared seven tears for her past -- all of which were taken by the waves.

Came the Deepest Love

Joining the water those tears completed a ritual, and that ritual summoned a king. He came for Hexy -- and for something Hexy didn't know she had stolen. He was a man of myth, whose eyes held the dark secrets of the sea, whose silken touch was the caress of the tide, and whose nature went against all Hexy had held to be true. And he'd come not to collect her for the ocean, but for himself.

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