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James Tiptree, Jr. - Crown of Stars - 6 clong


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1 1988-00-00  

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At the time of her death in 1987. Alice Sheldon, who wrote as James Tiptree, Jr., was well-established as one of the finest SF writers in the world. She won both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for short fiction, and was regularly nominated in many categories. She published two novels and five short story collections.

Crown of Stars brings together new stories written for the most part during her last burst of creativity, along with some uncollected gems from her early career. The result is a volume of great power and variety, Tiptree's last collection. There is none better.

All the stories in this book have never before appeared in a Tiptree collection. They range from the humor of "Our Resident Djinn" to the passionate rage of "Morality Meat." "Tiptree is a fine writer," said the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "even when being playful." The New York Daily News called her "one of SF's most gifted stylists."

Her reputation rests upon her consistently brilliant, award-winning short stories, an outpouring unparalleled in her time in SF. Her stories sound the great bells of love and death. Crown of Stars belongs on every SF shelf.

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