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One Murder At A Time (Collection)



Short Stories


Lindsey and Plum


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1 2001-00-00 Cosmos  

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Insurance investigator Hobart Lindsey and Homicide Detective Marvia Plum have been winning applause and building a loyal readership since their debut in The Comic-Book Killer (1988). Sometimes rivals, sometimes partners, sometimes lovers, Lindsey and Plum are a study in contrasts. He's white, gentle, and unassuming. She's black, tough, and street-smart.
Their adventures have filled seven novels with an eighth on its way.

Now they return in One Murder at a Time: the Casebook of Lindsey & Plum. Seven puzzlers range from police procedurals featuring Marvia Plum and the insurance investigations of Hobart Lindsey to a superbly affecting reunion story, "Old Folks at Home." Fans eager to learn if Lindsey and Plum will finally get together may find a hint in this yarn.

There's also the surprising "News from New Providence," a flashback to the 1940's in which Marvia's father, Marcus Plum, makes his first appearance. And readers are in for a delightful experience when they come to "Cinquefoil," a bonus story introducing Caligula Foxx of West Adams Place. Homage to a certain corpulent detective and his wise-cracking associate, Foxx has a distinctive style and persona that shine through another fascinating mystery.

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