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The Unexpurgated William Tenn, Volume 3


Dancing Naked: (Collection)
The Unexpurgated William Tenn, Volume 3



Criticism & Commentary


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2004-09-00 NEFSA Press  

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Table of Contents:

Master Class: Introduction by David Morrell

Myself When Young

•In the Beginning
•Eleven P.M.
•The Apotheosis of John Chillicothe
•Incident Gourmandien
Personal Story

•The Enormous Toothache
•Frank Merriwell's Syndrome
•What's Wrong with My Daughter?
•My First Deer
Creative Fiction and NonFiction

•Murdering Myra
•8 Eyes on Strange New Worlds
•The Bugmaster
•Student Rebel: Then and Now
Notes Toward a History of Science Fiction

•On the Fiction in Science Fiction
•Jazz then, Musicology Now
•An Innocent in Time: Mark Twain in King Arthur's Court
•The Lady Automaton by E. E. Kellett: A Pygmalion Source?
•The Lady Automaton
•Welles or Wells: The First Invasion from Mars
•It Didn't Come from Outer Space
•Author Emeritus Speech
Intros and Obits

•Introduction to Children of Wonder
•Introduction to What Mad Universe
•From a Cave Deep Within Stuyvesent Town
•Introduction to the Ova Hamlet Papers
•John W. Campbell, Jr.: A Memoir
•Sturgeon, The Improbable Man
•Judy Merril
•Poul Anderson <-- sample chapter!
Dancing Naked: The Interviews - and a Bit of PR

•A Jew's-Eye View of the Universe
•Eric Solstein Interviews William Tenn
•Philip Klass: Wit with a Flair for the Incredible
Klass Class

•Recruiting New "Huddled Masses" - Morton Klass

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