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The Complete SF of Wm. Tenn Vol 2


Here Comes Civilization: (Collection)
The Complete SF of Wm. Tenn Vol 2



Science Fiction
Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-09-00 NEFSA Press  

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Collection of 25 stories, an essay, and the novel Of Men and Monsters, with afterwords to each story by Tenn. Volume Two of two in The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn. Introduction by Robert Silverberg. Afterword by George Zebrowski.


Introduction by Robert Silverberg

Here Comes Civilization:

•Bernie the Faust
•Betelgeuse Bridge
•Will You Walk a Little Faster?
•The House Dutiful
•There Were People on Bikini, There Were People on Attu
The Somewhat Heavy Fantastic:

•She Only Goes Out at Night
•Mistress Sary
•The Malted-Milk Monster
•The Human Angle
•Everybody Loves Irving Bommer
For the Rent:

•A Matter of Frequency
•The Ionian Cycle
•Hallock's Madness
•Ricardo's Virus
•The Puzzle of Priipiirii
•Confusion Cargo
•Afterword: For the Rent
Beating Time:

•The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway
•Me, Myself and I
•It Ends With a Flicker
•The Girl With Some Kind of Past, And George.
•Errand Boy
A Lamp for Medusa

Essay: On the Fiction in Science Fiction

Of Men and Monsters

1.Priests for Their Learning
2.Soldiers for Their Valor
3.Counselors for Their Wisdom
Afterword to the Two Volumes, "William Tenn: The Swiftest Tortoise" by George Zebrowski

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