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Spell Sword, The



Science Fiction
Psionic Powers




# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1974-09-01 DAW  

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"This one is set sometime after the Terran Empire rediscovered Darkover. Now there are both the Darkovan natives, as well as men from Terra living on Darkover. This novel begins in a way that we have seen several times before: with a crash of a Terran vehicle on Darkover. This time it is from a team based at the Terran outpost at Thendara. Andrew Carr is a member of the Mapping and Explorations team that is slowly gathering information about Darkover. In a winter storm, the plane crashed and it was only through what Andrew thought was a hallucination that he was able to survive for very long in the storm. Andrew had visions of a woman named Callista guiding him away from the plane and to safety, but he had difficulty believing that these visions might be true. Eventually, Carr does come to accept that the vision is more than a hallucination, but someone communicating with him."

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