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1 1994-00-00  

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Summary (From the publisher):

The white-haired girl from the marsh settlement was running for her life down the derelict highway. Uncountable years before, things with spinning wheels and ice-green eyes had roared and smoked up and down this road. Now it was wide open and empty of everything except the girl. Eva - Belmort's daughter - the one who had grown up slight and pale out of the dark, dun, heavy men and women who toiled their hearts out by Foulmarsh. Today, tomorrow, always ...

In a future world polluted to the point of anarchy and dissolution, the trees are dead, the sky is yellow, and no birds sing. Everything and everyone is tinged with madness. For Eva, in such a debased society, there seems no role but that of some man's object and possession ...

But then, one day, arrives the stranger with the gun - the man with blue eyes and hair as white as her own. Roaming the tortured landscape with his wagon, Steel is a seller of death ... but for Eva he provides hope of escape from Foulmarsh and her degradation.

Urged on by a power of love and hate impossible to fathom, Eva's travels take her to distant towns and villages full of danger and surprises - and arouse in her strong passions and dark emotions she cannot harness ...

Filled with unforgettable characters and disturbing premonitions, Eva Fairdeath is a powerful fantasy enshrouding a reality that may not be ignored.

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