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1 2005-10-00 Mira  

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Kate Wilhelm's The Price of Silence takes place in the small desert town of Brindle, Oregon. Todd Fielding and her husband, Barney, are low on funds and Todd is thrilled when she gets a job at a small newspaper, the "Brindle Times." She edits, does layout, and troubleshoots computer problems for the eighty-year-old publisher, Ruth Ann Colonna. In addition to her regular duties, Todd is helping Ruth Ann with a special centennial edition of the newspaper that will deal with the history of Brindle. It seems that back in 1888, there was a fire in an inn that killed four people, including a young woman named Janey. Was the fire deliberately set or was it an accident? Ruth has uncovered sources that reveal shocking secrets about the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. She intends to tell the town the truth about what really happened and why.

When Todd starts working at the newspaper, she is startled to learn that a series of teenaged girls have disappeared over the years and, recently, a fourteen-year-old named Jodie Schuster has just gone missing. Did these girls run away or were they abducted? Todd senses that there is an evil presence in Brindle, and she stirs up a hornet's nest when she decides to write a series of articles about the disappearances.

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