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Dealer's Choice (Anthology)



Science Fiction
Psionic Powers


Wild Cards


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1992-10-00 Bantam  

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With this concluding chapter in the Rox trilogy, the reader is once again presented with a novel in the now standard 'mosaic' style. The entire tale takes place over a 48 hour period, from Friday, September 21st 1990 to Sunday, September 23rd.

The main characters this time around are:
Bloat, AKA The Outcast (by Stephen Leigh)
Modular Man (by Walter Jon Williams)
Billy Ray, AKA Carnifex (by John J. Miller)
Tom Tudbury, AKA The Great and Powerful Turtle (by George R.R. Martin)
Wyungare (by Edward Bryant)
Zelda, AKA The Bodysnatcher (created by Walton Simons, written by George R.R. Martin)

With the previous attempts to storm the Rox (in Jokertown Shuffle) a dismal failure, the powers that be decide to employ aces to do their dirty work for them and rid Ellis Island of Bloat and his jokers once and for all. In doing so, the Turtle finally meets his ideal women; Wyungare hitches a ride with Sewer Jack to the Rox, where Bloat continues to ignore reality by retreating into himself and arguing with his dreams.

Meanwhile, Billy Ray is assigned the task of assembling his own team of aces to tunnel their way into trouble; Modular Man finds the enemy is somewhat closer to home and meets Modular Woman; while the Bodysnatcher finally understands what Einstein was talikng about when she meets Pulse in the flesh.

The battle rages, aces fall, others get turned, some even triumph. Hartmann gets a helping hand from the Turtle in order to stay ahead of the pack; Wyungare keeps calm while trying to talk some sense into Bloat; Modular Man plays battleships; while Ray's team do battle with all manner of bad dreams in their quest to reach the wizard.

As the end fast approaches, Modular Man finds a way to beat himself; Ray battles an enemy he thought dead; Wyungare helps Bloat find himself; the Bodysnatcher finally sees the light; and the Turtle waves goodbye.

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