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1 1992-00-00  

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Summary :

After the violent death of his father, Daniel Vehmund seeks refuge in an exotic faraway land. But his peace is shattered after contact with a fabulous diamond stolen from an ancient tomb. Thenceforth Daniel is doombed at every full moon to become somthing else - something dark and powerful and savage. And nothing originating on this earth an destroy it.

Beautiful readhaired Laura lives in rural poverty with two appalling sisters and her selfish, grasping parents. But her life of drudgery is miraculously transformed when she is wooed and wed by a wealthy local squire.

Shadows gather, however, when a traveliling magician persuades her lovsick husband to buy for her a very unusual gem. For this is the same diamond which blighted Daniel Vehmunds destiny. And when Daniel himself at last retuns home, his fate and Lauras are devastatingly interwinded.

And all the while some dark and malignant presence continues to prowl the woodlands and hedgerows...

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