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Blood and Honour



Humour & Satire


Forest Kingdom


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1992-06-00 Orion Publishing  

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In Castle Midnight, where the Real and the Unreal meet, the King lies murdered and his three sons ready themselves to do battle for his throne. But one prince is ill, possibly the victim of poison, so his loyal followers, determined to keep the prince's illness a secret, hire an impersonator. The Great Jordan had been a great actor, but, down on his luck and reduced to the role of a travelling player, he is more than willing to take on the royal part ...until the Unreal starts to get the upper hand. As whole sections of the castle become supernatural no-go areas, with hallucinations and spectres as thick on the ground as traitors and spies, the Great Jordan begins to wonder if this might be his last curtain call ...

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