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Blood Opera Sequence


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1 1992-00-00  

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Rachaela Day leads a grey, uneventful life in the London suburbs. She works in a bookshop for a pittance which barely pays the bills. But all that begins to change from the day she receives a mysterious letter from the Scarabae family.
All she knows about them is that Adamus Scarabae deserted her mother before Rachaela's birth. Recalling her mother's warnings, she wants nothing to do with them, and finds their persistence ever more intrusive. What do they want?

But on losing both her ill-paid job and her flat Rachaela finally agrees to their offer and goes to live with them in The House - a mysterious cliff-top mansion miles from anywhere.

The apparently ageless Scarabae are both intriguing and insidiously frightening. Gathered from all over the world, they spend their leisurely days hiding behind sinister stained-glass windows that transform the sun into rich pools of colour. Through this rambling mansion stalks an enormous cat, and everywhere Rachaela senses silently closing doors and watching eyes.

Then, on a night of storm, there appears the tall, dark man of Rachaela's smothered dreams and nightmares. He is young - the first young man she has seen in The House - although he claims to be older. What is he to her? A bond to chain her to the Scarabae, or the ultimate demon she must escape? Can Rachaela - and the daughter she will come to bear - ever contrive to fight against the overwhelming influence of The House?

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