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1 1995-00-00  

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Summary (From the publisher):

Vivia, daughter of Lord Vaddix. A paragon of youth and beauty, alienated from the brutal father who rules his castle through violence and fear. In the aftermath of the latest bloody battle, her father's rage reaches new heights of madness when his faithful war stallion is killed. For Vivia there is little solace, save the secret cave in the bowels of the castle, known only to her and the arcane god whose shrine she believes it is.

When plague enters the castle, bringing with it an orgy of death and destruction, Vivia seeks shelter in this secret place, among the bats. Drawn to her innocence and beauty, a presence whose power knows no bounds is resurrected, claiming her as his own, taking her to a luxurious palace steeped in seduction and blood. Vivia, the innocent, wakened to the wonder of the undead, granted the gift of eternal life. But the whims of men are nothing to this dark prince. Tainted by betrayal, Vivia's immortality stretches before her like a damnation, until Zulgaris frees her from a waking death. Handsome Zulgaris, prince, war-leader and alchemist. Is Vivia to be his lover – or his pet? Or, far worse, is she but one more thing to be used in his relentless quest for sorcerous power?

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