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Fool's Gold



Martial Arts


Destroyer, The


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1 1983-00-00  

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It's a routine archaeological find, on a routine archaeological dig - until the strange inscription on a buried plaque is translated. Then all at one the entire world is prospecting for gold - a whole mountain of it - hidden centuries before by an ancient Latin American people.
The U.S. is determined to stake a claim because that much gold, in the wrong hands, could destroy the free world's economy. But nothing's panning out, and the only person who can decipher the clues to the gold's location might not live long enough to complete the task. It seems everyone's trying to kill her...

There's only one CURE for gold fever - Remo and Chiun. But unless they strike it rich, this gold rush is bound to be a bust, and the free market along with it. Unfortunately, our heroes' luck is about played out...

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