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John Wood Campbell /Don A. Stuart - New Dawn, A - 6 Omphalos


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1 2003-01-01 NESFA  

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NESFA's program of keeping classic sf authors in print in bulk turns to legendary editor John W. Campbell's stories published under the pseudonym Don A. Stuart. Justly famous for encouraging and publishing such young writers as Sturgeon, Heinlein, and Asimov in sf's 1930s golden age, Campbell was an exceptional writer himself. In just a few years, he wrote some of the most enduring sf stories, including "Who Goes There?," about a deadly, chameleonic alien stranded at an arctic scientific station, which, as The Thing, has twice been successfully filmed. Other stories, such as "Twilight," a melancholy vision of a humanity doomed to extinction by the loss of curiosity, and "Out of Night," in which a trio of humans determine to free themselves from an oppressive race called the Sarn, are equally powerful. Campbell's concentration on ideas means that his characters tend to be wooden archetypes whose moods are, well, moody. Still, he is a remarkable student of human psychology. Historically minded sf fans, in particular, will enjoy reading more Campbell than "Who Goes There?"

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