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Quest for the White Witch





Birthgrave Trilogy, the


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1 1978-00-00  

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He called himself by the name of the father he had never known, Vazkor, king of a forgotten land. In his veins were mingled the blood of that regal warrior and that of his witch mother, the silver-masked, snowy-haired survivor of the hated Old Race. He had sworn that she would die at his hands.
Across that age-haunted planet his quest went on. As he searched, so grew his own powers, his fearful heritage. Across wide seas, in conquered cities, and among haunted mountains, the hunt took him. As he drew closer to his objective, the clearer became the way she must be slain, the more certain his ability to rid the world once and for all of his creator-the white witch from the volcano.

Here is the windup of Tanith Lee's Birthgrave, the shattering conclusion of a panoramic vision of a faraway world.

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