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1 2008-05-00 Brava  

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These are the sexy bad boys no woman in her right mind would mess with. Except that they're wickedly irresistible, and will do anything to protect the woman they love -- even if it means risking everything...

***"ANYTIME, ANYWHERE" by Shannon McKenna
For years, Robin MacNamara has been secretly in love with her big brother's friend Jon Amendola, but the sexy cop has never seen her as anything but a kid. Until Robin follows him to an isolated cabin to prove she's all grown up. Unfortunately, Jon's last case isn't quite closed -- and someone wants payback....

***"AFTER THE LOVIN'" by E.C. Sheedy
In need of a place to hide, Tommi Smith finds herself on the doorstep of a high school classmate's remote fishing lodge. Though Mac Fleming never trusted this knockout's reputation for breaking hearts, nothing's going to stop him from seducing her into his bed now. Until Tommi's past comes back to haunt them....

***"DEAL WITH THE DEVIL" by Cate Noble
All Ellie McMann DeLuca wants is one night with the only man she's ever truly loved -- Max DeLuca, dubbed the Devil by the Italian paparazzi. Max agrees on one condition: they extend it to seven nights of sensual pleasure on a private island. But after a whole week of fulfilling each other's deepest desires, how will they go back to the way things were?

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